Special Issue | Número Especial

Mapping DC’s Latino History & Affordable Housing | La Historia de los Latinos y la Vivienda de bajo costo en el Distrito

During the summer of 2015, Hola Cultura put together a team of local high school and college students to examine the history of Washington D.C.’s Latino community and the role housing costs have played, and continue to play, in where the community has settled. Led by our staff and University of Maryland Professors Ana Patricia Rodriguez and Ronald Luna, these young investigators recorded oral histories with longtime residents and mapped D.C.’s Latino community.

Their work culminated in a special presentation at the GALA Hispanic Theatre in July 2015 and a four-day special issue of this website. Below you will find links to the articles, interviews, maps, and photos originally published in September 2015.


Day One | Día Uno



Inside D.C.’s affordable housing crisis | Aumento de los alquileres cambiando los barrios latinos


Day Two | Día Dos




As Low-cost housing dwindles, D.C. officials seek solutions |La Vivienda y los nuevos propuestos para ayudar los mas vulnerables


Day Three | Día Tres                                          




La salud y el barrio | How “place” determines health




Day Four | Día Cuatro



Latino History in Maps + Photos | La Historia en las fotos y las mapas