Giving thanks & carrying on

Happy Thanksgiving Week! In the spirit of the season, we pause to thank to our community and ask for your help with the work ahead.

This year Hola Cultura turned three!

HC team members at a video premiere in June 2017

Since Hola Cultura received nonprofit status in 2014, we’ve mentored dozens students and young professionals, and supported hundreds of local LatinX artists and creatives.

In 2017 alone, we’ve published more than 100 articles celebrating the art and contributions of Washington’s Latino community; launched a new YouTube channel including a monthly cooking show that’s already gaining a following; and began work on Washington, DC’s first guided tour of the city’s Latino street murals.

Without our dedicated and inspiring team, we could never accomplish so much great work. Thank you to our 2017 volunteers and Interns!

Our 2017 interns: Andrea Shek, Claire Matsunaga, Daisy Espinosa, Maria Carrasco, Miranda Blum, Nico Amaro, Pavithra Suresh, Quincey Tickner, Rebecca Toro, Rebeca Ortega, Ricardo Pontes, and Zane Dulin.

Volunteers who have made a big difference this year included Angélica Marrero, Bria Baylor, Christine MacDonald, Daniel Martinez, Estefani Flores, Jasmin Avila, Jennifer Fowler, Kayla Chen, Lucia Jimenez, Paula Góngora Salazar, Robin Peterson, Roman A. Santillan, Carlos Perez, Miriam Ostria, Calvin Koon-Stack, and Yolanda Alcorta.

Thank you too. You are welcome at anytime!  

No matter if this is your first visit or you drop by regularly for our latest posts, our growing online readership and event attendance inspires us to keep going. We need your support. So if you found anything you liked on these pages, please help us continue this important work. No matter the size of your tax-deductible donation, it will help us carry on work that is more important than ever, given the times we’re living through right now.

To keep contributing to the community at this same level next year, Hola Cultura needs to raise $20,000 by the end of the year. So we are launching a fundraising campaign with several different ways for you to support Hola Cultura’s work.

Since Hola Cultura is a nonprofit organization recognized by the I.R.S., all deductions are tax-deductible.

Crowdsourcing for TamalFest

In a few days, we’ll launch a campaign exclusively to fund Hola Cultura’s popular TamalFest, our festival of tamales from across the Americas that serves hundreds and showcases the culinary talents of entrepreneurs of color, as well as LatinX artists and musicians.


Giving Tuesday

Next week, Hola Cultura will participate in this global day of giving. Everyone, anywhere, can participate and we hope you will join with us and support all of Hola Cultura’s work on this November 28!


Fundraising Events

We’re holding a couple of fundraising events too, where you can meet us, find out more about Hola Cultura and give in person. Please join us!


El Tamarindo, Wed., Nov. 29, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Pica Taco, Wed., Dec. 15, from 6 p.m -8 p.m.


Or donate today though our PayPal account

Without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Your tax-deductible donation now will help us do more of this powerful work and support the professional development of more community members next year.

Please give to Hola Cultura during this season of giving!


Hola Cultura

Defeating stereotypes and increasing human understanding through art, culture & conversation

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