Hola Cultura’s new year’s news

It’s the time of year for making plans and resolutions. We have a few to share with you.

A NEW LOOK: We’re about to launch a new and improved version of this website thanks to the efforts of volunteer Ricardo Pontes.

OUR FIRST STRATEGIC PLAN: Our staff and senior volunteers have spent the last several months on Hola Cultura’s first strategic plan to guide the organization through the next five years. We’ll begin implementing it this winter.

EXPANDING OUR TEAM: We just expanded our Board of Directors from three to five members with the addition of Enrique Palma and Alberto Roblest. As part of these changes, co-founders Alberto Roblest and Christine MacDonald have switched roles. Alberto has resigned as Executive Director and accepted the position of President of the Board. Christine will lead the organization in implementing the Strategic Plan and overseeing day-to-day operations as the new Executive Director.


Our recent operational changes will help us continue growing and producing important work in 2018, despite the obstacles. The recent changes to the tax code, as well as the current political climate, are expected to create serious new challenges for nonprofit groups. Particularly endangered, experts say, are small organizations like Hola Cultura that celebrate Latino contributions, and support local arts & humanities.

A special shout out to local artist and muralist Luis Peralta Del Valle, who donated a painting to help us in our fundraising. Congratulations to raffle winner Yolanda Alcorta!

With traditional funding on the decline, your support is more crucial than ever. So we’d like to take a minute to thank the dozens of community members who donated to our year-end fundraising campaign.

We raised about $7,000 thanks our awesome supporters! See a full list of donors.

There is still time to add your name, if it’s not already there. Please make your own tax-deductible donation today. Many small donations can add up to as much a one large one, so give whatever you can.

Sadly, our TamalFest crowdsourcing campaign failed to take off. We raised only about $500 toward a goal of $10,000. What does this mean for TamalFest? Has enthusiasm for tamales waned since folks lined up around the block to get into the first sold-out TamalFest we held two years ago?

Is there no further need of a TamalFest? Since we held the first TamalFest DC in 2015, several other organizations have made tamales the centerpiece of their own fundraisers and events. Is our work is done when it comes to elevating this delicious and time-honored Latin American dish? What do you think?

We appreciate and value you opinion. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the future of TamalFest DC and what would motivate you to support it and other Hola Cultura initiatives. Please email us, or add your thoughts to the comments box below.


Thank you for being part of our community.

With gratitude & saludos!

Hola Cultura


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