Video: Latin grooves in DC’s own Go-Go music

“Los Latinos” influences of Go-Go music

Today we bring you a video clip with local writer Natalie Hopkinson, author of the book, “Go-Go Live,” about the late Chuck Brown, the “Godfather” of this native Washingtonian music, and the scene it inspires.

The Go Go sound “combined Latin beats, African call and response chants and American Jazz and soul,” according to Brown’s website. While the local musical legend passed away in 2012, the toe-tapping sound he first developed in the 1970s remains as emblematic of the Washington’s “Chocolate City” local culture.


Listen to how Latin-music beats ended up in Go-Go thanks to Brown’s childhood friend Joe Manley.

Above: Photo of the Chuck Brown mural courtesy of DC Murals. This mural was pained in 2012 by Charles Jean-Pierre and his student assistants on the side of the now closed Sweet Mango Café in Petworth DC. Find out more on DC Murals’ website.

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