“El Teatro de la Vida /Life as Theater”

Este corto documental narra las pericias, experiencias y testimonios de seis teatreros latinos de Washington DC y su paso por el proscenio de la vida…

Luces, vestuario, escenario y máscaras dan sentido a estos personajes antes y después del telón.


This video short shares the anecdotes, experiences and testimonials of D.C. Latino theater professionals. In interviews with actors, directors, wardrobe and other behind the scenes players, the program explores the passions, struggles and triumphs of six local “teatreros” who choose to make their lives in theater.


We are characters in a play / that before our very eyes begins / Dressed for the occasion / We play our roles / Sometimes in a remake of an old story / as previously arranged / And like this … We multiply ourselves / Playing lives duplicated / Once and again… For eternity! / We are the doubles of ourselves / And of the other / Puppets in our own reconsidered lives / We live a pantomime…


Video:   “El Teatro de la Vida /Life as Theater” 


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  1. Jose says:


    Mi nombre Jose Ramon Thomas, Actor y Director de teatro .

    Me gustaria comunicarme con uestedes

  2. hola says:

    Hola Jose Ramon,

    Mucho gusto. Nuestro email es holacultura@gmail.com.

    Hablamos pronto.


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