Thank You Donors!

Thanks to all of our 2017 donors!

Donors at the $1 to $10 level


Regina Díaz, Carlos P, Laura M., Danny, Zane Dulin, Eugene R., Deandre H., Julia B., Navia M., Lauren A., Mario V.,  Matt R.,  Maria V.


Donors at the $11 to $20 level

Barbara Dougherty
, Rebecca Toro, 
Alicia Santana, 
Ana Reyes, 
Crawford Sherman, 
Erica Sanchez-Vazquez
, Kara Hernandez, 
Louis Hicks, 
Maya Rioux, 
Robyn Davidson
, Steve Dryden
Estefani Flores
, Julia, 
Gloria Valdez
, Tom Devine, 
Edwin Martinez, 
Suzanne DeFelice, 
Byron Marroquin
, Frida Larios,
Leticia Arellano, Ana Reyes Albarracin, Ariana Curtis


Donors at the $21 to $40 level

Camila, Pavithra Suresh, Rachel Mulbry, Vivian Toro Bell, Rafael Robles, the Maru Montero Dance Center, Louis Hicks


Donors of between $41-$100


CarlosB, Connie, Nicole Capo Martinez, Roman Santillan, Carlos Carmonamedina, Josua Lopez, Laurie W. Casey, Lynn Fischer Fox, Yolanda Alcorta



Donors of $101 to $250




Donors of $251 to $500




Donors of more than $500


Alberto Roblest & Christine MacDonald


Donors of more than $1,000

Anonymous donor has provided $3,000 in Matching Funds


*Update: We reached our matching funds goal at our Pica Taco happy hour last Friday! Our sincere thank you to everyone who contributed. We’re now nearly one-third of the way to our $20,000 year-end fundraising goal. Onward! Please help us get there by clicking on the PayPal button below and giving a tax-deductible donation today.

We’d also like to thank all of the anonymous donors who have stepped up this month! You know who you are! We are honored to have your support too!